Wednesday, December 27, 2006

BSNL Broadband 2mbps Review and Comparison

Seems like the long discussions about the upcoming 2mbps internet connections are coming to an end. Here is a review of the revised plans and tariff details with effect from 1st Jan 2007.

Home plans

Home 250 - the startup plan

The bandwidth of the original 250 startup plan was set at 256kbps maximum, where the revised plan can provide a bandwidth between 256kbps and 2mbps.

Monthly charges remain the same, Rs. 250 per month with a discounted annual payment option of 2500. The download/upload limit has been raised from 400MB to 1GB. Additional usage charges have also been revised, from Rs. 1.40 to 90 paise. Night unlimited feature is still not provided with this plan.

Home 500 plan

Bandwidth has been revised to give anything in between 256kbps and 2mbps, compared to the old 256kbps maximum. Monthly charges remain the same at Rs. 500, with the download/upload limit raised to 2.5 times, i.e., 2.5GB instead of 1GB. The additional usage charges have been reduced to 80 paise from Rs. 1.20.

A big advantage of this plan is that you get the 'Night unlimited' feature, which allows unrestricted download/upload at 2mbps (possibly), from 2.00 am to 8.00 am. Theoretically, you can download approximately 900MB of data in an hour with this connection, totalling to 5.4GB per day only in the unlimited hours. This exceeds the limits and abilities of BSNL's Home 900 unlimited users, who can download only 2.7GB of data even if they download 24 hours a day! But, a word of caution, continuing the downloads at this rate past an hour after 8 o' clock in the morning would empty 40% of your monthly quota. Three days of the same mistake, and you're in the additional usage plan at 80 paisa per month. So use carefully, every rose has its thorn!

Home 900 Unlimited and Unlimited Plus

Too bad, but they haven't changed a darn thing about this plan. Home 900 plan's revised bandwidth was the most active topic in most forums in India for the past one week, since the newspapers declared the major bandwidth revision on 1st Jan 2007.

Please take a look at the conclusion part if you are quite confused in deciding between Home 500 and 900 plans.

Home 1000

Bandwidth is rated as 384kbps-2mbps, with the download/upload limits increased to 5GB instead of the old 2GB limit. Additonal usage charges have been reduced from 1 rupee to 80 paise. Night unlimited plan continues to accompany this plan.

Home 1800

Bandwidth goes anywhere between 512kbps and 2mbps, with download/upload limits doubled the previous values, i.e., from 5GB to 10GB. The additional usage rate is further reduced from 80 paise to 70 paise.

Home 3300

Home 3300, it seems like BSNL considers this as the luxury plan for the home user. Previous bandwidth was 1mbps minimum, whereas now it has been doubled to 2mbps minimum. This is the only plan in the series with a claimable 2mbps bandwidth. Monthly payment rates have not yet been changed, where the download/upload limits have been doubled from 10 to 20GB. The additional charges have been reduced like the Home 1800 plan, from 80 paise to 70 paise.

Business plans

Business 700

Bandwidth is now 256kbps to 2mbps instead of previous 256kbps. The plan still stays at the singe user mode and the download/upload limit has been doubled, from 2GB to 4GB. The additional rates have been reduced from Rs. 1.20 to 80 paise. No static IP provided yet, and no domain name or web hosting space.

Business 1200

Business 1200 has its bandwidth same as Business 700, and the only things changed here are the download/upload limit as well as the additional usage rates. 4GB limit has been doubled to 8GB, and additional usage rates reduced from 1 rupee to 80 paise. No static IP yet, and no domain name.

Business 3000

512kbps-2mbps, instead of old 512kbps maximum. This multi user plan has double the download/upload limits than before, 20GB instead of 10GB. Reduced additional charges are 50 paise, instead of 80. No static IP yet.

Business 5000

Bandwidth ranges from 1mbps to 2mbps, instead of the 1mbps maximum. The multi user plan features a 5MB web hosting package with one static IP and one domain name, both on demand. The download/upload limit has increased by 15GB, from 20GB to 35GB. Reduced additional rates are 50 paise instead of 60.

Business 9000

The golden business plan, or the ultimatum in BSNL's business plan series, the 9000 plan has absolutely no change in its bandwidth -- perhaps because it was already rated at 2mbps and the backbone is able to provide a maximum of only 2mbps bandwidth at the moment. However, the download/upload limits have been raised by a whopping 35GB, i.e., from 40GB to 75GB. The additional usage rates are also reduced, from 60 paise to 50 paise.


There's nothing much to mention about the business plans of BSNL, because they all are too limited for business purposes. BSNL should have provided at least a single unlimited business plan with this revolutionary broadband year 2007 revision.

Regarding home plans, normal users with nominal internet usages such as checking mail, chatting and voice conferencing will have a great time this year. A blazing 2mbps would be more than ample bandwidth for high quality voice and video conferencing. As the limits have been increased to moderately good ones, users have to worry less about crossing the barriers.

For heavy downloaders and P2P users, BSNL has not made any changes to the unlimited plan. Good god, at least they haven't discontinued the unlimited plan yet! However, this leaves downloaders with two choices mainly. They have the same Home 900 plan on one side, which can download 2.7GB data per day, if downloaded 24 hours a day at 256kbps, with absolutely no limits whatsoever for Rs. 900 a month. On the other side they have the Home 500 plan with its limits, yet able to download 5.4GB per day, downloading only at night from 2AM to 8AM, without touching the quotas. Home 500 has 2mbps speed throughout the day, and a limit of 5GB download/upload per month.

It is utter confusion when it comes to decide between these two plans, though I would still recommend the unlimited Home 900 plan only, because for the simple fact that you don't have to stay up till 2AM in the morning to browse the web! And its hard to stay up to Skype your loved ones, or wake your family up at 2AM to say hello on the webcam. I would always go for the Home 900 unlimited plan, considering the lazy next day and stomach problems I could have due to BSNL's night unlimited offer!

Well, here are some things to note, in addition.
  • BSNL mentions only about the downstream speed, i.e., the speed with which the data arrives at your PC from the internet. 256kbps bandwidth means a downstream bandwidth of 256kbps; BSNL seems to forget, or purposefully forgets to mention the upload speeds. The upload speed plays an important role in voice and video conferencing, considering the simple fact that the data has to be transferred both ways at the same speed for effective communication. 256kbps bandwidth in downstream gives you high quality voice from the remote end, but what about your voice? Your upload speed matters.
  • BSNL gives only 25% of the advertised bandwidth as the upload speed. Say you have a 256kbps Home 900 unlimited connection, your upstream bandwidth is 256/4 = 64kbps. Did you ever know that? Now the new 2mbps connection, as for the ratio, must be giving only 512kbps upload speed.
  • Revised plans have their bandwidth stated as 'wherever techically feasible', and mostly as a range between 256kbps and 2mbps, instead of the expected 2mbps minimum. This may not account to a minimum bandwidth of 2mbps, as they have still specified 2mbps minimum bandwidth for Home 3300 plan.
  • It is always good to take the modem on rental, as the equipment will remain as a property of BSNL and would get replaced faster in case of any complaint, repair or warranty claims. Also, if you plan to switch over to a different ISP, you don't have to worry about selling the router.
  • BSNL do not provide ADSL user names and passwords for the unlimited customers, and fortunately or unfortunately they do not have a reason for it either! However, numerous utilities like adslpwd and some shell scripts posted on various forums help to retrieve it.
  • One of the most astonishing things about BSNL plans, and something that stays the same thoroughout all plan specifications, even in business plans, is the free email that comes with any plan. Nowadays when most email providers do provide gigabytes of mail storage, noteably GMail that provides around 2.7GB of inbox, BSNL provides a way too small inbox of just 5 megabytes. Most digital cameras today, with megapixel ratings from 5 to 8, take up more than 4MB to store a single picture. Send one to a BSNL inbox and you might get it bounced back!
  • If possible, take a router with more than one ethernet port, i.e., BSNL's Type III or Type IV modems. An extra ethernet port would be useful if you want to connect an extra PC or a laptop at a later time. Also, for the single user business connections, you can have the ethernet port of the modem connected to a LAN switch, along with other PC connected to the switch to make it multi user and share internet access the easiest way!

Thats all for now, this is my first post and a comment would be appreciated! Enjoy a faster and happier new year.


kewltodd said...

The download/upload speed, only Airtel provides true 256/256 broadband. Bad thing that BSNL doesn't say this in ads/specs :(

amit said...

very well written.............very informative indeed

Guru said...

I live in Village : Parawala, Dist. Bhavnagar In Gujarat State.
I need to Brodband Connection of any Company which give me maximum speed. Here is not BSNL connection network because this is Village.

There are Airtel, Idea, Reliance Cell tower avialble but not Brodband of connection.
I can give above of 500rupees/month. i want to seach on internet 24hour.
Please help me
and I don't know about Tata connection and rate.